Standard Data from Cohost Posts and Projects

Project RSS Feeds

Go to /project_name/feed.rss to get a feed for a project, or /project_name/originals.rss for just original posts (including shared posts with commentary). For example, /noracodes/feed.rss will give you the feed for my page, or /noracodes/feed.rss for just my original posts.

Markdown Extraction

You can also get a particular post's original plain-text body at /project_name/post_id/, such as /noracodes/169186/. (In a Cohost post URL, the ID is the numerical part after /post/. For instance, in, the ID is "169186".) Or, drag this bookmarklet: Cohost: Extract Source to your bookmarks bar and then click on it when you're on a Cohost individual post page to download that post's source.

Webfinger Resources

Webfinger resources for accounts are provided at the Webfinger well-known URL /.well-known/webfinger?project_name.

Technical Details

Since 0.5.0, Corobel caches various responses to provide better service. This means that if you update a post and then immediately request its source, you might get the old source. Just wait a few seconds.

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